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Sketch Taking

Learning how to sketch our thoughts and ideas will help us remember important information. Another useful tool to add to our toolkit.

Learning our X’s Tables with KAHOOT!

Today we practised our times tables, focussing on fluency and accuracy using a fun, fast paced and interactive game called KAHOOT. Teams worked together to answer the X’s tables as quickly as possible. We had a blast!

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2017


Paper Planes

This week 3SD were exploring shading and the contrast between light and shadow in drawings. After sketching the paper planes we experimented with different designs and had a flying competition. 


The wet weather hasn’t dampened their spirits or stopped anyone from improving their strength, balance or co-ordination. Go 3SD!!

Class Awards

Well done to all of our award winners from weeks 5 – 6!

Art Cave- Experimenting with scale

3SD looked at a variety of 3D objects with the purpose of drawing an outline of one small and one large item. Afterwards they added finer details and experimented mixing individual colours with paint.

Gymnastics Fun!

Here are a few snapshots of our very first gymnastics class.

Award Winners

Congratulations to our class award winners for weeks 3 & 4!

Zone Swimmers!

Congratulations to our classmates who will be heading off to the Zone Swimming Carnival in a few weeks time.

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